Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Weekend report May 16 - 17

Ballooning and gliding were both rained out on Saturday morning.  The flying weather didn't improve much during the day, and neither did the pandemonium associated with the balloon festival, so we never got off the ground.

On Sunday, the weather was mostly blue, with decent lift to 6000 feet. We had ten flights, all towed by Susan. We operated from the south end of the field, so there was no conflict with the leftover ballooning crowd.

2W, JD, EA, and T8 all flew together, up to Morrisville and over to Franconia.  It looked something like this:

When they were in the Franconia area, they might have seen Tom Hopper (TH), out in his LS1.

The local flying at Post Mills was relaxed, with Willy, Dakai, and Bill enjoying flights of respectable duration in the trainers. Karl test flew the newly rebuilt mechanical vario in 3J.

Both golf carts are running!

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