Monday, May 11, 2015

First responder

When Greg sent out the call for towpilot volunteers last week, Susan Simpson was the first to respond.

She said she could probably do some towing on Sunday, but she wanted to take some time off on Saturday to rest up after pulling a driver out of a burning race car the day before.

However, instead of resting on Saturday, she spent the afternoon extracting passengers from a wreck on I-93.  At least that one wasn't burning.

So, she didn't show up at the airfield on Sunday.  What's it take to get a reliable towpilot around here?


Andy Lumley said...

She's a slacker, what else can you say.

Actually I told her not to make the 2 hour round trip drive since it was cruddy weather, none of the students had checked in and I was on my way there anyway.


Anonymous said...

Don't we have a winch for days like this??? What? It's still being fixed? Are winch mechanics as unreliable as tow pilots? They couldn't be any lees reliable than airplane mechanics, could they?

Bill said...

Make driving while texting illegal - that's what Maine does.

Anonymous said...

I may be unreliable, but at least I can spell!

with love,from the aircraft mechanic that is unreliably on the field, sometimes! ;^)