Thursday, September 3, 2015

Belated acknowledgements

PMSC News has fallen behind on the reporting of flying activities, due to the consequences of recent travels of the editor (that sounds better than "due to negligence," doesn't it?)

Anyway, here are overdue congratulations to Bill O'Donnell for his first solo in a glider! This took place last Sunday, and for reasons unknown, nobody took a picture.  Feel free to ask Bill how long it has been since his first solo in an airplane.

And the day before, we had a first solo in a glider by John Gary, and the first flight in the 304 by Sue Tholen.  Again, no pictures, alas.  Congratulations to both. Sue went up in PM to look for John, who had disappeared somewhere in the Blanik.  John finally landed after 40 minutes, during a period when no one else was staying in the air.

Finally, the accomplishment by Dan MacMonagle of flying cross-country on three consecutive mediocre days for a total of 500 km deserves a huzzah!

The editor promises to be less negligent in the future.