Monday, August 26, 2013

Weekend report August 24 - 25

We had a pleasant couple of days with light winds and plenty of sunshine. Greg and Dan were ready to go early on both days, hoping to make one last jaunt up to the White Mountains before the end of August. But the conditions didn't support their ambitions, and they made local flights, along with everyone else. Rich had an hour flight in 3J without a battery or flight recorder, making it to 5400 feet.

Thomas instructed both days and our new student pilot, Henry, made some good progress. Greg and Andy Lawrence took care of the guest rides.  Skip and Dennis flew both days, and Karl and Nancy flew on Sunday.

Nancy brought her camera and took a late afternoon flight in the Blanik, which still does not have a call sign. Put your suggestions in the comments!

Twenty four flights in all, counting Moshe's at Morrisville.

No place like home

Sometimes we forget how beautiful this place is.

Friday, August 23, 2013

New glider on the field

It's a good Slacker day when you come home with a new glider. Thanks, Tim, Greg, and Sonny for fetching the L-23.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekend report August 17 - 18

We had a three-day weekend, if you want to count Sunday, which was grey and barely flyable.

On Friday, a trio of slackers (EA, JS, and JD) went out for a total of 457 OLC kilometers.  On Saturday, nine different gliders took off from Post Mills, which may be a record for this year.  It would have been ten, but Sonny's plan for the day changed when the radiator in his car split open on the way to the airfield. Moshe (RU) had a flight at Morrisville, so that makes it ten (and that doesn't count Tony, who flew on Saturday, but he seems to have switched loyalties from his friendly, supportive, club-of-origin to a dessicated impersonal wasteland operation with nothing more than pecuniary interests, and probably nowhere near as good a social infrastructure.)

Anyway, back at Post Mills, Greg (JD) and Dan (EA) held hands around a bow-tie shaped course:

Greg in red, Dan in blue
and Skip (JS) and Rick (6Q) joined up at Dean where they set out for home together, with mixed results:

Rick in red, Skip in blue
(Evan and Paul also landed out, but they aren't men enough to post their flight logs).

But never mind the flying part - the highlight of the weekend was the dining.  We had 23 at the cookout:
Andy, Christina, Dan, Dennis, Evan, Geoff, Greg, Henry, Laurie, Lynne, Marsha, Mike, Paul, Peter, Petey, Keith, Mary, Rick, Sawyer, Sherry, Skip, Sue, Tim
and thanks partly to the season, but mostly to our volunteer chefs, we enjoyed an amazing assortment of side dishes to go with our chicken, sausage, salmon, pizza, and beer!  Let's do it again next weekend!

Oh, yes, there's a rumor going around that we bought another glider!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday, August 5, 2013

Weekend report August 3 - 4

The weekend was a bit of a dud.  We made only three flights on Saturday in the strong, shifty winds, and Sunday was a complete loss due to thunderstorms. Doug probably got wet on his ride back home on the motorcycle.

Sometimes we forget how much we depend on our towpilots, and how far some of them drive to get here. Evan, Doug, and Bob have driven hundreds of miles this summer so that we can go flying. Don't forget to thank them, next chance you get.

Friday, August 2, 2013

The latest flap

As you can clearly see from this photo, the L-19 flaps are fixed, and our towplane is back in service.


Thanks to Andy Gelston and his lovely and talented assistant Sonny for all their hard work on this project!