Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Wave Flight - January 14

Here are some pictures from my January 14th flight out of Springfield:

The highest I got that day was 12,000'.  I tried to go north but clouds over Plymouth VT blocked the way just like my last flight.  Here are the skew-T, satellite images, and HRRR model from that day:

Andy L. was flying his Champ out of Post Mills and reported:

Many wave clouds when I headed to the airport. Ended up climbing to 4k on the ridge between Warren and Stinson Lake, was heading north towards Dean and the lift seemed strong so I headed to the leading edge of the clouds and continued on to 8k. Got my ground speed down to 12.9 mph.

Note the "hole" popping out from cloud deck, I just had to fly through it.

 - Tim

Wave Flight - January 1

Here is the Skew-T and Satellite images for my January 1 flight out of Springfield. Note the bow wave (V-shaped) cloud formation around Mt. Washington.  I would have like to have gone further north but clouds near Plymouth VT blocked the way.  I stopped the climb at 18,000' but was still going up at about 1.5 kts.



Sunday, January 3, 2016

More winter flying

On Friday January 1 2016 Tim flew to 17,999' in AT and Walter towed.

On Saturday Tim towed Walter and me up in I1 but we couldn't make into the primary so ~8k was the best we could do.  The view was spectacular.