Saturday, November 23, 2013

Weekend report November 22 - 23

Christopher writes:

We came, we flew, we winterized.

Tim flew his new PIK-20D (AT) in good lift, Greg & Mark ventured out in the Blanik to 5 grand, and Dennis dragooned Christopher into the backseat for another Blanik adventure, with snow falling sideways as he maintained plus numbers.  3K tow with scenes of the late Fall countryside from 4,400 feet, sustaining on workable if weak lift for an hour as the ceiling and snow came down to 3,000 feet, bringing them home early.

Ben and Ben's father (some call him Steve) came by just too late for Ben to get his 5th flight of the season. (Come back in December when the lines for a glider are shorter) [Editor's note: that trick might work, but only until December 16].

Someone needs to put in a PMSC requisition for an ice scraper to keep the canopy clean for late Fall soaring.  There's still time.

Three flights, with Andy towing, just enough interruptions as he was cobbling his Champ engine back to workable Winter form.

Friday, November 22, 2013

A pair of club records

Congratulations to Karl Strassberger for passing his Private Pilot checkride on Wednesday, a day on which two club records were set!

Once again, our indefatigable Designated Examiner, Bill Stinson, made the trip to Post Mills to administer the test. Andy was the towpilot this time. It isn't clear whether there was anyone else there that day, such as someone who knows how to take a photograph.

This sets the calendar record for the latest flight test in our club's history (November 20). Thanks go to Tim, Greg, Dennis, Karl, and Andy for arranging to extend our flying season and for keeping the towplane operational.

The other club record is for the lowest-resolution photo of a member's accomplishment ever taken.