Monday, November 22, 2010

Club Statistics for 2010

Total Club Glider Usage:

SGS 2-33: 156 flts 55:21 hrs (Average 0:22 hrs/flt)
Blanik L-13: 134 flts 74:23 hrs (Average 0:33 hrs/flt)
SGS 1-23: 71 flts 78:23 hrs (Average 1:06 hrs/flt)
HPH 304: 58 flts 100:54 hrs (Average 1:44 hrs/flt)

All club gliders: 419 flts 309 hrs (Average 0:44 hrs/flt)

Towplane Usage:

Tows to Club Members (includes encampments): 555
Tows by our Birddog: 510
Altitude Towed by our Birddog: 1,035,500 feet (196 miles)
Busiest Tow Pilot: Evan - 108 tows*
Most Tows Given in a Day: 23 (on July 3, 3 were by FSA)
Most Tows by a Pilot in a Day: Evan - 19 (on August 8)


Formal Dual Instructional Flights - 125
Formal Dual Instructional Flight Time - 36:29 hrs
Busiest Instructor: Thomas - 88 flights**
Number of First Solo: 2
Number of New Pilot Certificates: 2


Total: 0

* maybe the first time in PMSC history this distinction does not belong to Andy
** maybe the first time in PMSC history this distinction does not belong to Rick

Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's not over yet

Tim (PM) flew 167 km, reached 12500 feet, and was home in time for a late lunch today. Not bad for November.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Pilot Paul

Congratulations to Paul Dixon on his first solo of a full-scale glider today!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Airman Alexander

Alexander put on his lucky shoes today and took Bill Stinson for a couple of rides in the 2-33. The result was the issuance of a Private Pilot certificate, and now Alexander is on the lookout for passengers. Congratulations, Alexander!

Christopher, Thomas, and Rick were on hand as witnesses. Bill had nice things to say about our club and our training program.

(Sonny, you're next, no excuses).