Monday, April 30, 2018

Two long flights

This just in...

Evan (T8) and Dan (EA) both had terrific ridge flights today at Mifflin.

Evan flew 1091 km and made it all the way to Hot Springs, Virginia (near Ingalls), and back in just 8 hours.

Dan ran all three ridges (Tussey, Bald Eagle, and Jacks) for a total of 805 km.

Congratulations, guys, and we can't wait to hear your stories!

Weekend report April 28 - 29

The club got off to a great start, with the long-delayed first official weekend of operations.

We had fourteen flights at Post Mills and at least one in Pennsylvania.

Dennis took the first flight of the year on Saturday in the Blanik, followed by Kari, Eric, Pete, Mark, Sonny, Henry and Doug.  Then Eric (NT), Dennis (DC), and Mark (HG) took off in their own gliders, as did Greg (JD) and Tim (BU).  Greg and Tim found their way up to Mount Washington, and had nice flights that included a wave climb.  Everyone got home, which was nice, since we weren't all that organized back at Post Mills, and retrieves would have added some complication.

We're having the usual startup difficulties (trouble with the towplane, golf carts, mud, etc.), but none of these problems seem insurmountable.

It rained all day Sunday, but in Pennsylvania, Dan (EA) spent a nice afternoon running up and down the ridges between Nittany Mountain and Bedford for 365 km.  Evan is there also, but he hasn't posted anything on OLC yet.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Two new documents

We have two new references, both due to Moshe:

Weather Links - also included in the list on the right.

IT Guide - an explanation of the internet, from the point of view of a PMSC member.

The towplane is liberated

Thanks to Henry, Andy, and Keith for chopping away the iceberg that was preventing the L19 from getting out of the hangar.

We seem to be ready to go for 2018, finally.


Dan and Evan have headed to Mifflin County Airport in central Pennsylvania for some ridge soaring.

The forecast looks good for Sunday. We wish them luck!