Thursday, May 7, 2015

Five gentlemen in blue

We had a very civilized soaring day on Wednesday.  Five gentlemen of distinction helped each other assemble their gliders and stroll with them down to the south end of the field. No one appeared to be in a hurry, as there was no indication of lift in the deep blue sky.

Finally, Tim (AT) took off and soon reported 8 knots right over the field. The remaining gentlemen hurried to get into the air, taking lowish tows as a courtesy to those still waiting. Dan (EA) nearly regretted his decision to release low, but he was eventually able to get up to join the others.

Dennis (DC) was able to achieve his goal of summiting Mount Moosilauke and really enjoyed his long glide back home from there. Greg (JD), Tom (2W), and Dan (EA) chased each other up to Gorham and back.  All five pilots reported variable conditions, with good climbs interspersed with uncenterable thermals and sink.

Without clouds, it was not a day you wanted to be caught out when the lift quit.  The gentlemen were all back home by 5pm, and they took their time disassembling, telling their stories, and watching the sun set on another beautiful day in Post Mills.

Very civilized.


Anonymous said...

Wait...I thought there was a 6th gentleman who landed short of Post Mills in the Connecticut River valley?

    PMSC Member said...

That was the next day. Try to keep up, willya?

Anonymous said...

All the his slacking makes my head spin. Oh the beauty of it!