Saturday, May 16, 2015

Traffic in sight

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Tim said...

I had my first balloon ride yesterday. Flew with Andy G and Brian. I think it was in the orange and yellow balloon that is laying on the ground in front of Brian's. Skimmed the trees over to Middlebrook. Completely different experience than in fixed winged aircraft.

Our landing included a missed approach. I was on the burner and Andy was on the vent. Brian talked us through it. We had a small field pick out (150' x 150'). As we drop down to about 75' the katabatic wind pushed us to the south. Brian had us pop the balloon up another 50' and the wind shifted us back on course. Our second approach put us right in the middle of our small field.

Brian is truly a master of his art. If you ever get a chance to fly with him, go!

31 ballons flew yesterday. More expected today.