Friday, May 22, 2015


Dan (EA) and Greg (JD) avoided the entire Kancamagus wilderness yesterday by flying around it. Good call.

They turned at Chocorua, Lancaster and somewhere over the trees on the way to Morrisville, where they got separated for a while.  We look forward to the video.

Meanwhile, Tom (2W) got low early, recovered, and elected to go south instead, making it to Mount Okemo.  The tower controllers at Lebanon had two chances to spot him.

Just to be different, Moshe (RU) took off and flew clockwise.  He went to Barnet, then over to Mount Jefferson where he peeked into the Great Gulf before turning around.  

He was so high on the way back that he was able to thumb his nose at the wilderness and proceed directly home from Twin Mountain.

All in all, a great day to go flying, with 864 kilometers credited to PMSC.  It would have been 1144 if if it weren't for some misplaced loyalty.  Even more if Paul (S1) and Jim D (US) had recorded their flights.

Thanks to Tim for towing!


Lane Cobb said...

You guys that can make up your own work schedules make me sick. >:(

    PMSC Member said...

I'll take that to mean you want to be removed from the Slackers email list...Done.

Lane Cobb said...

Don't you dare...hope springs eternal.