Friday, November 25, 2011

Ski season started today

Congratulations to Tim and Andy for getting into the air on skis today. Rick and Rich are in a tight race for last place again, what else is new?

Come join us this winter. It's an easy and fun way to stay in practice between soaring seasons.

Hemisphere shift

South of the equator, it's Spring, and once again, our friend Roy B is on his annual African Safari. He will be reporting his flying adventures at Bloemfontein for the next week or so using an unsophisticated blog-like thing called Google Docs.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Club Statistics for 2011

We had a slow year compared to last year...

SGS 2-33: 62 flts 60:15 hrs (Average 0:58 hrs/flt)
Super Blanik L-23: 5 flts 8:30 hrs (Average 1:42 hrs/flt)
SGS 1-23: 39 flts 36:53 hrs (Average 0:57 hrs/flt)
HPH 304: 48 flts 86:31 hrs (Average 1:48 hrs/flt)

All club gliders: 154 flts 192:19 hrs (Average 1:15 hrs/flt)

For Comparison 2010 totals were:
All club gliders: 419 flts 309:00 hrs (Average 0:44 hrs/flt)

Towplane Usage:

Tows to Club Members (includes encampments): 233 (including 26 tows by Stowe and NESA)
Tows by our Birddog: 234 (including 24 to non-members)
Altitude Towed by our Birddog: 654,300' (124 miles)
Busiest Tow Pilot: Andy L. - 127 tows
Most Tows Given in a Day: 13 (on 10/8/11)
Most Tows by a Pilot in a Day: Andy L - 13 (on 10/8/11)


Formal Dual Instructional Flights - 24
Formal Dual Instructional Flight Time - 17:14 hrs
Busiest Instructor: Rick - 24 flights
Number of First Solo: 1
Number of New Pilot Certificates: 0

Name That Tow Plane