Monday, September 30, 2013

Weekend report September 28 - 29

We had two beautiful soaring days with light winds and decent lift to 4500 feet both days.

The weekend started early with an organized effort to wash and polish the Blanik.  Andy, Lane, Henry, Dakai, Dennis, Karl, Greg did most of the work.  (I may have missed someone.  I just showed up long enough to take this picture; I didn't do any work at all).

Karl flew for 2.5 hours in 3J, without a flight recorder, and Andy made a pair of Blanik flights for an hour each, with the help of Tim and Dennis.  Evan, Greg (JD), and Dan (EA) chased the clouds to the west and made a modest tour up to Washington and down just past Lebanon.

On Sunday, we made 18 more flights, with Keith towing all but one (Keith made 31 tows this weekend, and Thomas did a dozen instructional flights.  Thanks, guys.)  Skip (JS) flew for an hour and a half,  Dan (EA, EA) flew twice, and Greg (JD) had some low-save practice in the middle of a three hour flight.

And welcome back, Christopher! You showed up just in time to fix the golf cart. Again.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Combining our two hobbies

Let's face it, we have two hobbies:  Flying and cruising around in golf carts.

Why not combine the two?

Name That Club Member

Saturday, September 21, 2013

Private Pilot

Friday was a spectacular late summer day, with lots of activity at Post Mills Airport.  We had scientists doing aerodynamic experiments on the runway, and bunch of volunteers working on a new exhibit in the museum.

But the highlight of the day involved actual flying, as it should.

Kasie Cavagnaro drove her dad to the field to do some flying with Bill Stinson. Dennis and Bill took the 2-33 up for a variety of exercises, and when it was over, they were ready to pose for pictures. Congratulations to Dennis Cavagnaro, our club's newest Private Pilot!

And thanks once again to our indefatigable examiner, Bill Stinson, who has done so much for gliding in our region.