Sunday, June 2, 2013

Weekend report June 1 - 2

The weather on Saturday was a little bit strange. An optimistic view of Friday's forecast said that we could expect good conditions as long as the temperature stayed above 90°F, which didn't seem likely at the time.

The airmass turned out to be slightly less stable than predicted, and Mark (3J) was able to stay in the air for over an hour, beginning just after noon.  Steve (PM) and Evan (T8) followed with a couple of flights of over 2 hours.  They both reported variable conditions - 2 to 4 knots at middle altitudes, tapering off to nothing near the clouds.  Steve, by being patient, was able to reach 8500 feet (which was above cloudbase) over  Thetford Hill.

In the meantime, the 2-33 got a good workout, with Andy towing all day.  Bill and Greg flew some rides, John and Rick watched a rain shower barely miss the field, and Dennis (67) made his first OLC flight of the year.  Tim took our newest member, Dakai Zhu, for his first flight lesson.  Welcome, Dakai!

We had about a dozen people at the cookout, and way too much food!  Thanks to all the contributors for another good party.

We lost Sunday for two reasons.  The towplane's left brake line sprung a leak, which grounded it for the day.  The line was eventually replaced by Keith and Andy, just in time for the afternoon thunderstorms.  So we called it a day.

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