Sunday, June 16, 2013

Weekend report June 15 - 16

We had a very good day of flying on Saturday. Cumulus clouds appeared while we still drinking our morning coffee. Eventually they reached 8000 feet MSL.

Skip (JS), Greg (JD), Tim (PM), and Thomas (ZP) headed upwind and found some good climbs in the Knox mountains.  Greg made it to Morrisville and then dashed over toward Franconia.  On the way, he decided to turn for home in order not to miss the party.  Tim did the opposite: he turned short of Morrisville and made it to Franconia, and then home.

In the meantime, the 2-33 got a workout with John and Dennis flying.  Sam and Bob made local flights in the 1-23 totaling about two and a half hours, and Bill flew between the thermals in 3J at the end of the day.

The last landing was after 6pm, so the cookout got off to a slightly late start.  It was well attended and well supplied.  If you're not on this list:
Andy, Andy, Bill, Bob, Greg, John, Judy, Keith, Linda, Mary, Mike, Peter, Petey, Rick, Sam, Sonya, Sue, Thomas, Tim, Zach
you missed a good party.

Sunday was not as good.  We had a high overcast most of the day, and it ended in rain.  Dennis made three flights in the 2-33, after which we propped it up and wrested the main wheel out.  Andy and Dennis replaced the tire and tube and were about to reinstall the wheel when the rains came.  The job will be completed before a mid-week operation scheduled for later this week.

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