Friday, June 21, 2013

We pick up and deliver

Moshe (RU) needed an assist to get home on Thursday.


Andy Lumley said...

No wonder RU didn't answer your radio call.

Anonymous said...

I often keep the radio turned off most of the time while I fly, especially if lift gets hard to find and use and I need to work at it. Or if the frequency gets too much chatter.

OTOH on the following day when I was flying incummunicado for 5+ hours I wonder if we should have set up a radio check-in every, e.g., couple of hours.

It's always annoying when you get a retrieve while the sky still looks like in the photo above... :-)

(Hey Dan: do you have a higher-res version of this cool photo?)

- Moshe

Rick said...

Others have asked for a copy of that picture. I'll make sure Dan hears about it.