Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Weekend report May 25 - 27

The best part of our weekend was the party on Sunday night (you can't call it a cookout, since it rained all day, and the dining took place indoors).

Compared to last year's Memorial Day weekend, the flying was a bit of a dud. It was windy all three days and rainy for two of them.

Saturday was a total loss, but at least it was obvious early, and Greg called off flying Thursday evening.

It rained about four times on Sunday, but Iron Man Dennis was determined to get in some practice, and we were able to insert three training flights between the showers.  We called it quits after the crosswind strengthened to the point that we weren't able to complete our base leg to Runway 5, and elected to land on Runway 4, which was closer.

Finally, blue skies returned on Monday.  The wind was still a bit brisk, so we waited till early afternoon to get started.  Tim flew PM, reaching 9500 feet in wave over Smarts Mountain. Skip, Greg, and Rick had local flights. Dennis and Karl made nice 1-hour flights in the 2-33 and 1-23, respectively, but neither one of them carried a Flight Recorder, as usual.

Despite this past weekend, May was a pretty good month, overall. Here's hoping that June will be even better.

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