Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Private Pilot

After making the drive from Boston and taking a couple of practice flights yesterday, Dan MacMonagle took his flight test with Bill Stinson today, and passed with flying colors. Congratulations, Dan!

Rick and Thomas are happy to get rid of another student, and our whole club is grateful to Bill for being willing to serve as our region's FAA examiner.

After his test, Dan celebrated with a 93 km flight in 3J.


Tim said...

Congratulations Dan!

Your first flight with PMSC was on June 24, 2013 so you got your PPL in less than a year.

Please try to get your Gold Badge by Monday which is the 1 year cutoff. We don't want you to lower our average.

Anonymous said...

is that date right?

Anonymous said...

The Treasurer is always right.

S2 said...

I would have flunked him for not noticing the knot in the towrope.