Sunday, June 23, 2013

Other news

In other news, our friend Sarah Arnold is headed to France to represent us at the Women's World Gliding Championships, where she will be flying a Libelle in the Club Class.  You can read about her here and here and on the US Team Twitter feed, after the contest starts (June 29).

I have to admit that I like the official poster of the WWGC.

And Evan is geared up and ready to do battle at the US National 15 Meter Class Championships in Hobbs, New Mexico.  He will be busy flying for the next 12 days, but if he sends any reports or photos, they will be published on this blog.  When that contest starts (June 25), the official daily results will be published here.


Thomas said...

Where can these posters be ordered? Do all women pull with a knot in the rope??

Rick said...

Only during ground handling.

PMSC Member said...

Is it just me, or does the big W in the WWGC logo look anatomical?