Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Winter flying used to be fun

Here's a reminder of another day the Cub had a small issue with starting. I'm having trouble remembering the year.

Nancy bribed me to post this. I sure can't wait till we can talk about flying gliders again.


DeeC said...

I'm glad it wasn't starting since a small child is in front of the prop!

Anonymous said...

This was before we eradicated all green airplanes from the PMA by crashing them into the ground, so it's been a while...

Andy Lumley said...

Fun Facts:

Cub wouldn't start, had to leave on Island Pond. Cub, Rick and Mary spend the night.

Road trip the next day with pre-heater, got Cub started and flew it to 5B1 (Boylan Airport) in the freezing rain.

Ferry trip a few weeks later in the Champ with a Rick and a portable pre-heater, landed in deep snow but we got it dug out, heated up and flew it away.

Few years later, repeat the process at Caspian Lake in Greenboro VT.

Few years later, repeat the process on Lake Memphramagog sans the overnight part.

It just keeps getting better doesn't it.


Nancy said...

That's Tyler in front of the Cub, leaning on an ice-fishing auger. Gordon thought it was just Rick's plan to get Mary to stay with him in a motel.

Rick said...

I can't remember in which airplane Tyler traveled.