Monday, February 21, 2011

25 below

Here's a satellite photo from January 24, 2011 - which, if we're lucky, will turn out to be the coldest day of the year.

Click here for the big version and see if you can spot Gordon tossing the cup of hot water into the air.

The cloudstreets over the Atlantic are really cool, too.

Credit: NASA


Anonymous said...

Holy megapixels batman! I went to all the links nad downloaded photos and blew them up to discover, Long Island is that bit on the left edge just below center w/ NE above it continuing to New Brunswick, ay, with south west coast of Nova Scotia center dead center in top half of photo. Warning! I chose largest size to render and download- it came in at 12 MB ! Awesome stuff after I realized just what this is.

Ironman said...

And I can see Russia from my house.

Anonymous said...

Surely, someone can attribute this to global warming.

Anonymous said...

The really neat thing about this website is it has historical images also. You can download the images(in KMZ)into google earth. So for a date you had a good wave flight, you can download your flight track from OLC into google earth and have an image which shows your flight over terrain with clouds.

Throw in the historical skew-t with wind data ( and you have have a pretty good record of the day.

The big limitation is the satellite image is only available from when it passed over the area of interest. To figure the time of day I think you have to look at the satellites path (which is also available).