Tuesday, April 23, 2013

When you lose your draft

What do you do when you lose your draft?

Pull over, according to Sgt. McGonigle:
Claudio Abreu, 68, of Nutley made an emergency landing in his single-passenger glider last Thursday.

He took off from Blairstown before making an unexpected afternoon landing in Northhampton County, Pa., Lehigh Police Sgt. Michael McGonigle told the Sun.

"When [Abreu] got up to Pennsylvania, the cold front came in and he lost his draft," McGonigle said. "He pushed past the situation in a large corn field and pulled over."
It beats bailing out, I guess.


Paul K said...

Later in the same article,

"Abreu said that the glider has not been put back together; however, he hopes to take it out for a spin - as early as this week."

I detect a paraphrase.

Anonymous said...

Everything you think you know, is wrong.