Saturday, April 20, 2013


A hardy band of glider pilots assembled at Post Mills today.

Braving raw conditions, they moved all the pieces of the 2-33 and the 1-23 to the north end of the runway and spent a few hours washing, talking, and rigging.  By 2pm, Dennis, John, Mark, Mike, Paul, Rick, Sonya, Skip, Steve, Tom, and our new friend and potential member Dakai Zhu were tying down the gliders.

Post Mills looks like an airport again.  Happy Spring!


Anonymous said...

Photos ? It was 80 deg here, and still no cold beer from Tony. I'm beginning to think he is all 'thermal'.

Gregg Ballou said...

Flew my paraglider for four hours at the beach today, you guys are doing it wrong.

PMSC Member said...

Hi Gregg. Fly that thing up here one of these days!