Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Weekend report April 27 - 28

The season got off to a roaring start this weekend.  (Actually, last season never ended; our club members flew during every month since last April. This must be some kind of record!)

We had two excellent weather days, with a few clouds on Saturday and even fewer on Sunday. Light south winds and good lift to 7000 feet, with some climbs to 9000. Just as an indication of how good the weather was, on both days Skip came home after several hours of flying and found a 10-knot climb to 7000 feet right over the end of the runway.

On Saturday Paul (S1), Skip (JS), Tom (TH), Dan (3J), Greg (JD), and Moshe (RU) flew cross-country flights or "extended local" flights, but only four of them were recorded.

The rest of us did annual field checks and ground school, the latter performed while we were waiting for Sam to come back with the 2-33.  We also had time to swap stories and learn something about the life of an air traffic controller from our newest member, Toby Bucsescu.

Our cookout Saturday night was well attended, and as is usual this time of year, we ran out of food, but not beer.

Sunday was a banner day. We were fairly efficient, having learned from all the operational mistakes we made the day before. We wore out four towpilots. The golf cart died a couple of times, but we dealt with it. The hotshots flew a total of eleven hundred miles, including Evan's record setting flight of 575 km, and Tim's 137 km flight which began at 5pm.

For the weekend: 19 glider pilots, 4 towpilots, 35 flights.


Anonymous said...

A thousand miles on Sunday!

That's cool.

Tim said...

The tag-team relay flight of Swartz/Lumley/Chow did a respectable 356 Km on Sunday in PM. With shorter pit-stop we could have done 500 Km.

This should be the new "OLC club class".