Sunday, April 13, 2008


We wear parachutes all the time. Occasionally we talk about using them. But very few of us have ever jumped. Despite this, we seem to be confident in our ability to do the right thing in an emergency. How hard could it be? Dive over the side and pull the ripcord...nothing to it, right?


Yesterday afternoon Sonny, Mike, Skip, Rick, Nancy, Gordon, Tom and Mary traveled to West Lebanon where Gregg presented "Jump school for dummies." It was fascinating. Gregg took us through the procedure in great detail. We learned the right way to do it, and we learned the consequences of the myriad ways of doing it wrong. We all got the chance to pull the ripcord, and we got to watch Nancy demonstrate proper steering technique.

Gregg pointed out that there is a lot more to survival than bailing out properly. We learned how to swim out from under the parachute, how to get down from a tree or a powerline, and the wisdom of attaching a survival kit to the harness.

Gregg, who has experienced about 3000 more takeoffs than landings in aircraft, has agreed to give the talk again later in the Spring. He also directed us to some reading materials.

And now for today's trivia questions: a) which club member (other than Gregg) most recently made a descent by parachute? and b) which member has bailed out of a glider in an actual emergency? The first right answer wins a fantastic prize (to be determined later).


Anonymous said...

We need to do one thing different with the next class. The 10' high platform I was pushing you guys off to practice parachute landing falls, just isn't high enough to be realistic. For the next class we'll find a 15 footer or better yet 20'. Hope you all heal soon.

Andy Lumley said...

John Good and what do I win?

Anonymous said...

For recently I think Petey did a Tandem not too long ago. Do I have to split the prize with Andy?

Anonymous said...

Wow, you guys are good. Andy wins a Cub ride, and Gregg wins free trailer parking at my house.

Gonna have to think up some tougher questions next time.

Andy Lumley said...

I'd like my Cub ride one day this week please, just give me a call and I'll meet you at FWN (Sussex, NJ).

Paul said...

John Good was my answer. It was right but I guess I wasn't fast enough. I trust Andy will be willing to share the prize.