Thursday, April 10, 2008

Field conditions

We have 8-12 inches of snow on the runway. But it is melting fast. The ground underneath is still "solid," and if we're lucky, the mud phase will be brief. It is probably possible to move PM and S1 from their winter parking places without damaging the parking area, but this situation won't last long. When the ground gets soft, those two gliders will be trapped again until it dries out.

I'm planning to go Cub flying this afternoon, probably the last ski flight of the season for me. On Saturday, I'll be at the "Bailing out for beginners" course at Signal Aviation in Lebanon at 4pm. I hope that it will be followed by dinner at the 7BB.


Andy Lumley said...

Bull dinky! The the solid is just a layer of ice and under that is unfrozen ground. Anytime there is a good layer of snow on the ground for an extended period of time the ground will not be frozen.


Anonymous said...

You can settle this with shovels gentlemen.

Anonymous said...

OK, shovels at ten paces, then. Name your second! (I choose Gregg).

kevin brooker said...

Bull dinky?

Anonymous said...

And I would like to know what a "good layer of snow" is.

(Kevin, thanks for moving the gliders.)