Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Weekend Report - June 17-19

Rick is off to the Open Class Nationals in Nephi, UT so I am reporting this week.  Rick is crewing for Dick Butler and his Concordia.  The Concordia is probably the highest performance sailplane ever built.  Here's a picture I stole off the web.  They say its Rick but I'm not sure.

Friday was a spectacular day.  Andy towed 7 slackers and everyone had good flights except Evan (T8) who had a spectacular flight.  Evan flew a declared 600 km triangle for a NH state record and then add a few more km to score 860 OLC points.   Ok, Greg (JD)  had a spectacular flight too.  It was his personal best, 610 OLC points.  Dan (EA) and Tim (PM) had flights 500 and 400 km.  Dennis (DC) had a very nice flight to Lafayette.  Henry and Andy Lawrence had nice long, and high local flights.   Here is a picture from cloud base (8500') looking toward Lake Champlain (Sugarbush, Camels Hump and Mansfield are visible) at 6 pm.

At the end of the day I got in one more spectacular flight.  A beautiful evening flight in the Birddog to bring Dan home from Franconia.

Saturday was almost a repeat of Friday.  Evan (T8) put in 600 km, Greg (JD), Dan (EA) and Tom (2W) put in 400 km each, and Dennis (DC) went back to the Whites.  I heard rumors that Paul (S1) ended up at the Mt. Snow Airport and was retrieved by a scab tow plane from VSF but the flight log is mysteriously missing.  Dakai, Henry, Rick Sayles, Skip, Don and Willy took training flights or extended local flights.  Thanks for towing Doug, and Lane and Gregg for instructing.

On Sunday the pilots rested.  Dan (EA), Greg (JD), and Tom (2W) took leisurely flights up to Mt. Washington.   Dakai, Heather, and Matt flew locally.

After this weekend PMSC has 3 of the top 5 place on the OLC for Region 1.


Tim said...

Here's a link to the Nephi Contest website:

Moshe Braner said...

Or, for those who stay away from Facebook, the official SSA web page for the contest:

And while we're at it, the page for the Region 1 contest (the next two weekends):

Rick said...

Great report, Tim. I think I can retire as PMSC News editor now.