Thursday, June 16, 2016

The new (old) Post Mills Airport

The tree removal work began on Saturday and since I wasn't able to make that day I don't know who showed up other than Dan, Greg and Don. I'm sure there were more.

On Sunday there were at least 15 people, many with chainsaws, all with grit in their teeth.

Hard to say but I'm sure many hundreds of trees came down and either went into the chipper, were chunked up and tossed over the bank or were saved for later use.

Evan feeding the chipper
This is the new view from the south end of runway 5. Note the west side is cleared and that the very large pine is felled.

Hard to see now that they're gone but many trees on the east side of 5 will not be reaching out to snag your wingtip anymore.

Runway 4, left side trees are now gone (this is a before/during photo). Also 2 by the halfway house. This will make the runway at least 15' wider, not that this area will be continuously mowed but it will be much safer.

I'm not naming names but some guys just sat around all day... not.

Personally I wasn't a bit tired at the end of this day of "light work", maybe some of the other guys were tired... but not me, nope.

More tree will be removed from the property south of the airport so eventually the approaches will be fantastic. There are many more trees that need to be removed but this was pretty much all we could handle. The rest need heavy equipment and or an Army of men with chainsaws.

Many many thanks to everyone who helped out, this was above and beyond in terms of effort. Special thanks to Dan and Greg for their expertise in tree cutting. Also many thanks to Brian for making this happen.


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Anonymous said...

from moving the club house and improving the safety of the airport says more about the resolve and quality of the members of our club. even though Andy tires easily we did great. good job everyone!!