Friday, June 3, 2016

Unexpected Spring Wave

Dan (EA) had an unexpected wave adventure on Tuesday.  It was a sunny windy day and the thermals were not predicted to be too strong but he found a thermal off of tow and thermalled all the way to 8,000'.  From there he transitioned into wave just north of Lake Morey and went up to 14,000'.

He then hopped one wave length (5 nm) up wind to Vershire where he recorded his highest altitude, 15,000'.   Dan said there were cumulus clouds but they were widely dispersed and not much help marking the wave.  I am sure his Dell Streak with XC Soar helped him maintain position in the lift. 4 more hops (5 nm each) up wind and he was in the Sugarbush primary.  Dan was planning to surf the wave down to Killington but it slipped away.   He had to thermal his way back to Sugarbush then home to Post Mills and never connected with the wave again.

The Skew-T plot for the day shows a classic wind profile for wave but boundary layer (unstable air) goes much higher (8,000') than you would normally expect for a wave day. 


Anonymous said...

Those new nasal cannulas like the one Dan is using are really excellent. Not only can you pretty much forget you are wearing one, you can't even see 'em from three feet away, so they don't make your selfies look like you are an old man on oxygen.

DG said...

Great Photo. Almost like being there.