Monday, May 16, 2016

Weekend Report May 14

Since Rick is officiating at the 18 Meter Nationals, I am writing up the weekend summary.  It was a one-day weekend (Saturday) for flying and work.  On the work front Sonny and Lane put the metal roof back on the club house and it should be weather tight - Thanks, guys!

XC was limited because of the changing threat from high clouds.  Dennis and Greg had short cross country flights out of Post Mills and Dan flew out of Sterling.  This is the first time Greg and Dan have flown more than half a mile from each other.  As you can see from OLC, Greg flew 178 km while Dan flew 249 km.   So now when we look back at all of their amazing previous flights we don't have to wonder who was the real pilot and who was the leech.

We also had a first solo this weekend.  It was Evan.  He signed his first solo endorsement as a CFI-G and Don who has soloed before in the Blanik, soloed again in the Blanik as well as flying the 1-23 for the first time.  Congratulations Evan and Don.

Another first was former cabin owner and new club member Heather's first enthusiastic ride in the Blanik.  She promises to bring the whole Benson crew out soon.  The other Rick (Sayles), the other Gregg (Ballou) and the other Bill (O'Donnell) flew local or instructional flights.

Thank you Andy for towing and Evan for riding backseat.

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Rick said...

Congratulations, Evan and Don!