Sunday, May 1, 2016

Weekend Report April 30

We had another one-day weekend, as it rained all day Sunday.

The best part of an eventful day on Saturday was the cookout, a party that lasted until flying was called off on Sunday morning.  We had plenty of food and beverage, and 21 attendees:
Andy, Annie, Dan, Don, Dennis, Evan, Greg, Henry, Jeff, Judy, Karl, Lane, Laurie, Mary, Mike, Moshe, Rick, Skip, Tim, Tom, Trent
If you weren't there, you missed a very good party, thanks to all the chefs and contributors. Someone even brought flowers for the table!

The cookout was in full swing when Karl and Trent arrived in the Cub. Evan (T8) showed up overhead even later, having spent the entire day in pursuit of some New Hampshire state records. The other usual suspects, 2W, DC, EA, JD had good flights as well, but they were back well before Mary lit the grill.  Tom, Dan, and Greg went to southern Maine, nearly to the coast.  That's probably a first for PMSC.

Tim and Andy kept the towplane running, and Moshe spent his first full day as a CFI in the back seat of the Blanik.

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