Monday, May 9, 2016

Number 1

Yesterday Evan (T8) made the longest OLC flight in the world - 1240 km!


Tim said...

That's 770 miles!

Dan flew 816 km or 507 miles!

T8 said...

Dan's flight:

Jim David's 819 km flight:

It was an epic day.


PMSC Member said...

Not to mention Daniel Sazhin flew a 1-26 1032 km. That's a first ever for a 1-26. Insanely good.

T8 said...

You've heard about days when "we threw a rock in the air and it didn't come down for an hour"? 1-26 is pretty close!

Dan did a very clever job of working out a 1000K route that would require only short downwind transitions before good thermals would be available, enabling an 0700 departure.

A remarkable feat of good pre-flight planning and airmanship.