Monday, April 27, 2015

Weekend report April 25 - 26

Andy follows his Assembly Day writeup with this report for Sunday:

We had a good day for training. Dennis flew the Blanik, (and was first!) then later in the day a little sun started to hit the ground, and the air went right up to 6000 feet with Tim and Dakai going up with it. Karl and I took the third flight, and we averaged at least 5 knots to cloudbase for another
hour in the air.

I can report that the new Blanik flies well, and the only anomaly is that the brake sticks (on) so we'll be looking into that ASAP. In the meantime we'll avoid using it.

In other news the green golf cart is dead. Karl had planned to bring the white cart home for maintenance and we had it all loaded before the green machine died - so we switched them out and Karl will work on the green one first. Note that the left rear tire of the white cart doesn't hold air very well. It's on the list to be fixed.


Tim said...

Most of Dakai and my flight was under complete overcast. The air was so unstable that no sun was needed. The wind was enough to trigger thermals.

Tim said...

How many differences can you find?

    PMSC Member said...

Christina has a much better camera than Andy.