Saturday, April 25, 2015

Assembly Day

Andy Lumley writes:

We had a good turnout, (I hope I remember everyone). Willy, Matt, Dennis, Tim, Sonny, Lane, Greg, Mark, Andy L., Bill Swartz, Henry, Steve and Dakai arrived early and we got the tow plane, a golf cart, the 2-33 and 1-23 assembled. The Blanik is ready to go but we didn't fly it today.

Here's a picture of the assembly crew standing in front of the only aircraft they did not assemble today.

Despite a very dead battery in the towplane we managed to get it started and did 7 or 8 flights to get Bill, Greg, Mark and Lane checked out. Others waited patiently, but by 3pm we were all pretty cold so we called it a day.

Tomorrow we'll continue with checkrides and when it gets a little warmer (and the water gets turned on) we'll get everything washed and polished.

Bill Swartz re-covered his Citabria fuselage and painted the entire plane this winter. Luckily he gave us a nice fly-by before heading back to Maine.

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