Saturday, May 10, 2014

Slacker report - May 8

Moshe (RU) and the flock of slackers (Greg (JD), Dan (EA) and Tom (2W)) flew for the second day in a row.  Everyone found some wave which topped out at nearly 11,000'.  Here is Moshe's report:

The forecast was for light winds, dry air, thermals without cumulus, and patches of high clouds from the approaching warm front stalled by the remnant high pressure. In the morning the sky was blue but with lenticular clouds in several locations, including one large cloud that kept Post Mills in the shade until noon. We watched as the wisps of the cloud streamed towards the SE past the sun, but the leading edge on the NW kept reforming. We almost gave up on flying, but Andy arrived to tow and up we went, Greg, Dan, Tom and Moshe. Lift in the hills to the NW of PM was weak, and one of us needed a relight. Thanks for the tows Andy! The thermals were rather weak down low and much stronger higher up, sometimes changing from a broken +1 knot at 4000 to +10 knots at 7000 in the same thermal. There were also large patches of strong sink, especially east of the river. The pack scattered in all directions around Mt. Cube, with Greg finding wave to 10,000 while others sunk to below 4000 and clawed their way up again. The winds aloft were not clear and quite variable with altitude. The MPV ASOS reported 11 knots from the NE in mid-afternoon but from the NW an hour later. The wave clouds disappeared early and the sky was turning more and more milky. After falling into too many sinkholes Moshe gave up on the NH side and retreated back to Vermont where both the lift and the sink were tamer and the thermals reached 8000 feet even approaching 5pm. The others made it to Moosilauke and back. As Greg said, it's always better than it looks!


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I should go back to being self-unemployed so I can be a slacker too!