Monday, May 19, 2014

I like this club

An amazing number of things went haywire this week, any one of which could have grounded us.  In the end, we got it all working.  Even better, we did it all with volunteer labor.  Well done, especially Andy for getting our fuel situation figured out (and volunteering to tow on the best XC day so far this year) and Henry for working with Brian on the balloon fest.  Also my personal thanks to whomever got the golf cart fueled and running after I ran it out of gas near the South launch area (sorry!).

Conditions yesterday were spectacular, in case you didn't notice.  Well done, mother nature.

A scene on the way back from Goffstown, NH, sometime after 5pm...

Coda to a beautiful soaring day.  About 7:20pm.  Turn up the volume.  (Thanks Dan!)



Rick said...

Big deal. I've seen better looking skies than that on Condor!

Anonymous said...

What is this "Condor"?