Thursday, May 8, 2014

Slacker report - May 7

Slacker season got off to a great start with Evan (T8) taking the first tow a 11:00.  Evan had big ambitions which didn't pan out but he still managed a 7 hour tour of Morrisville VT, Newport VT and Gorham NH for 591 OLC points (520 km).  This was the longest flight recorded for the day in the US and 3rd in the world.  If you count his drive to the airport and back he would have got 900 points.

Greg (JD), Dan (EA), Tim (PM) and our friend Tom (2W) from GBSC flew up to Old Spec Mountain in Maine like a giant flock of plastic birds (squawking the whole way).  Clouds and thermals were reliable up to 7,500'.  Moshe (RU) past the flock as it was on its way back to PM then found wave that the others missed at Mt. Madison and went up to 10,000'.  Mark (HG) had a little XC flight to Mount Moosilauke.  And Dennis flew 3J for a few hours (how was it Dennis?).

Thanks for towing Andy.  And thanks for the ground support Keith.

Here are some of Moshe's pictures:

Climbing in Weak Wave

Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington from 10,000'

Mt. Moosilauke



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Nice photos Moshe.

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More (and higher-res) photos here: