Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Overseas report

Many of you know Roy Bourgeois, our friend from MITSA and GBSC, who has done many favors for our club, including lending us a glider way back when.

Roy has trouble getting out of instructor duty, so for the past nine Novembers, he has escaped his club and taken a trip to South Africa, where the soaring season is just getting started. Every year he creates a blog-style document for the folks back home. His flying, his adventures, and his writing have improved steadily over this period.

You really should take half an hour and read this year's report.

This is what our sport is all about.

Hint: The web page is large and takes a long time to load.  Be patient.  The beginning is at the bottom.


Roy Bourgeois said...

Thanks Rick.

BTW, I am still trying to figure out an answer to the U.S. Customs return form query, "Have you been on a farm?" - that doesn't require a 3 hour explanation . . .


Rick said...

What's wrong with "I fell out of the sky in a plastic plane with no motor, stood around doing nothing for four hours, and then left."

I'd buy that.