Sunday, December 8, 2013

Disassembly day

In the fine tradition of the Post Mills Soaring Club a large number of volunteers, consisting of both active and inactive members, showed up at the field to take gliders apart, move trailers, and hangar the towplane.

Thanks to everyone who came out to the field:

and also to those who were there but didn't make it into the picture.  The volunteer-of-the-week award goes to Bill Swartz, who drove all the way from Portland, Maine to be a part of the crew.  The only member who lives farther away is Tony, whom we expect to show up next year.

The tiedown area at Post Mills is looking bare again.  It's time to look forward to flying at Springfield, skiflying, and breakfasts!


Tim said...

Great turn out! Everything got put away fast and we were done by 1:00.

Anonymous said...

not bad for a bunch of ole farts