Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Weekend report July 13 - 14

Saturday got off to a slow start, but Mark, Sam, Pete, and Dennis were able to make the most of an overcast day with pattern tows, spot landings, and a stunt video.  Evan towed all day, and then crashed his model (Thanks, Evan, and sorry).

The party Saturday night was well supplied and well attended. Dennis, Dorothy, Evan, Hans, Janet, Karl, Keith, Kevin, Mary, Mike, Moshe, Pete, Rick, and Sue all enjoyed Mary's BBQ chicken.

Sunday got off to an even slower start, but eventually we got out of our hanging chairs and went flying.  Bob towed and Moshe had the best flight, 3 hours in RU.  It was a good day for practicing low saves.

Karl arriving
Evan returning
(It was terrific to have Pete back for his annual summer visit to Post Mills and Franconia. He did a fair amount of flying and took a lot of great photos while he was here. We miss him already.)

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Tim said...

That's fitting. The picture of the Cub with the Dinosaur in the background. Sort of a Diorama of the Jurassic period.