Tuesday, July 16, 2013


I came across this photo this past weekend. I don't know when it was taken. It looks like Post Mills. If anybody can identify the airplanes or the people, put it in the comments. I wonder if those guys are still around?


Andy Lumley said...

Ricks cub and our tow plane ar 2b9 with Karl and Evan.

This was too easy, what's the catch?

Anonymous said...

Oil pollution control crew, c. 2013

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I'm not going to try (fly) it, you try (fly) it. "
"I'm not going to try (fly) it. "
"Hey, let's get Mikey".
"Yeah, he'll try (fly) anything"
Hey, Mikey".

So, must be Mikey and his older brother.
and some old rust bucket pulled from the weeds.
~ Christopher

Anonymous said...

"I'll race ya"

Tim said...


I know all cubs look alike but that one is Karl's.

PMSC Member said...

Cool guys have been standing around Aeroncas (http://is.gd/WsN6yJ), Pipers (http://is.gd/FuEeFc), and Cessnas (http://is.gd/zPyCrY) for fifty years at least, and the catch is that we hardly ever remember their names. Once in a while a beautiful photograph like this one that Pete took on Sunday comes along to remind us that not much has changed: the airplanes are the same, and the guys are still cool.

Karl said...

I hope I am still around. !!!!!