Sunday, July 1, 2012

Weekend report June 30 - July 1

The strong winds that shut the Slackers down on Friday abated a bit for Saturday. Still, the conditions were difficult, and we weren't able to do any extended flying. Tim gave a couple of lessons in the Blanik. At least we were able to demonstrate to our new hang glider friends what we consider to be too much wind.

Sunday was a completely different story. The first half of the day featured good lift to 6000 feet, and the wind was light. In the middle of the afternoon, a combination of overdevelopment and blowoff put us in a big shadow at about the time Skip (JS) took off. The sun re-emerged, and we were tempted to send the 1-23 to Franconia. But the lift was spotty, and the day ended with one of those "widely scattered" rain showers that sent us running for cover. After that was over, we put 3J on the trailer.

The highlight of the weekend was seeing a couple of oldtimers, John Gass and Pete Dodd. John and his family are passing through on holiday, and Pete has once again taken up residence on the airport, in preparation for our trip to Franconia. Pete brought some beer and wine with him, thinking that it would last through the week, but we disabused him of that notion while we waited for the rain to stop.


JS said...

I'm perfecting the sledride this year. I'm very close.

John Gass said...

Ryan and I had a great day! We both made good climbs in the Blanik (with Rick and Andy, respectively), and I discovered that the Blanik can still climb while flying crab-wise. Kathie and I both enjoyed catching up with old friends immensely.

Thanks, all, for the work you do to keep PMSC vibrant and fun. It was great to see all of the activity on Sunday. Hopefully it won't be another two years (or ten) before we get back again.

Rick said...

Glad we passed your inspection, John. Come back again soon!

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