Tuesday, July 10, 2012

14,000 feet of WOW!

Last Sunday, July 8, was an interesting soaring day. It's quite possible that -- properly equipped and prepared -- 750K or even 1000K (OLC rules) was achievable. I was neither equipped nor prepared. I just caught a little piece of the day, but it was quite enjoyable.

The clue to what was happening was a gigantic cu hanging stationary over Mt Washington in 25+ kt winds. I ridge soared the western flank, then dropped back to the Moria Carter range and ridge soared to the Wildcat ski area. Pictures tell the story from there. MWSA wave camp is open early this year!

Sadly, I didn't have my oxygen gear, so I had to break off my 1000 feet per minute climb at 14000. For the sake of nostalgia and my dear friend Allan MacNicol I overflew the old White Mountain Airport site at North Conway, staging point for the early explorers of the Mt Washington wave. A trip to Grafton Notch and an easy return flight to Franconia rounded out the day.

-Evan / T8


Tim said...

Super cool flight!

It was a classic entry into the Mt. Washington wave except you started from Franconia and were 3 months early.

Diane said...

Nice photos Evan! You must have been high on life that day! :)