Monday, July 9, 2012

The back seat is empty

What would you do if you were getting close to your first solo, but you were away from your home field, surrounded by spectators (including both of your parents), and your training glider was being borrowed by another club? I'd probably just wait till I got back home. Not Sam Desrochers.

Sam decided to learn how to fly a new glider at a new site, ditch the old instructor, ignore the spectators, and ask Dad for a tow.

He elected not to get too close to the ridge on this particular flight, and since the thermals hadn't developed yet, he was soon back in the landing pattern. His approach and touchdown were picture perfect (pictures to follow), and he threw in some fancy steering on the ground, just as cool as you please. The towpilot, on the other hand, got excited and had to do a go-around.

Congratulations to Sam on his first solo! (and congratulations to Bob and Linda, too).

Here's a picture of three has-beens making their way to out to greet our newest Blanik pilot. Note that no one is carrying a bucket of water.

We took care of that oversight later, at the party.


Anonymous said...

Hard to fill a bucket with no running water on the field!

But why did he land downwind? (Hint: he didn't.)

Mary said...

Congratulations, Sam!

Tim said...


Anonymous said...

No running water on the field??...Rats! Wonder what that clear, oderless liquid running out the end of a hose on the FSA office was that I washed my glider with!?!