Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend report July 9 - 10

(Updated to reflect corrections found in the comments)

Both days were beautiful.

On Saturday we divided our forces between Post Mills and Hanover Norwich. Half the crew went flying, and the other half assembled the 304 at the Montshire Museum (see previous post). One of us (Steve) did both.

The Montshire caper was a success, resulting in a bunch of kids and parents learning about soaring and about our club. Tim gets credit for organizing the event.

The glider made the transition from static display to flying machine in the late afternoon. Steve brought it home, reassembled it, and made a 2h45 flight that ended at 6:40pm with a dead battery. This made up for the weak effort made by Kevin and Bill, who went sailing on Lake Fairlee.

There was some good flying on Sunday if you got in the air early enough. Moshe (RU), Pete (3J), Evan (T8), and Sonny (LT) were able to do this and made nice flights. Sonny made his first trip to the summit of Mount Moosilauke. Local flights were made by Skip, Tom, and our new neighbor Al, who is thinking of joining.

Evan changed his mind about not going flying that day and wound up making a 276 km tour of northern New England. He was conservative in the boonies and bolder near the airports. He improved his speed by plunging into Franconia, where the lift is reliable. This is how it's done.

At the end of the day, Pete upstaged Evan's showy arrival back home by soloing the 304 (twice). Pete seems to be enjoying his vacation in Post Mills. You gotta love it when a club member's idea of a great vacation is staying in a cabin and working on gliders, trailers, and the golf cart all day. If he gets tired of renting, he could always buy a luxury vacation home in Post Mills.


Anonymous said...

I would insist on a home inspection team to look that luxury vacation home over, that should drop the price about 60K or more. nice neighborhood though.good going Pete!!!

Tim said...

Rick a few corrections and additions:

Then Montshire has been in Norwich for about 20 years.

Steve's flight was 2:45 (the flight recorder had a problem) on Saturday and ended at 6:40 pm!

Skip had a nice flights on Sunday also.

Al from West Fairlee took a birthday flight with me in the 2-33. He was able to thermal from 3K to 5K+ on his first glider flight.

PMSC Member said...

Thanks, Tim. I'm glad somebody reads this thing.

Anonymous said...

"a 2h45 flight that ended at 6:40pm with a dead battery"

- I knew it, when the battery goes dead these things fall out of the sky!