Friday, July 8, 2011

Stowe report July 2 - 4

From Andy:

The Stowe encampment was a great success on all accounts with excellent flying conditions (for most) on both Saturday and Monday.

To name a few accomplishments:
  • Paul flew 5.75 hours on Saturday
  • Steve, Tim and Andy all had great flights in the 304
  • We finally got to fly with Moshe again, and this time he was in his new Russia
  • I served up a zillion hamburgers, hot dogs, sausages and veggie burgers at the Ski Inn without completely burning my fingers off (must have a longer spatula), and a good time was had by all
  • There were many flights made. It would be interesting to to know the total number of hours/miles flown, etc. Maybe we can get those numbers together*.
Sunday was mostly cloudy so some headed to the airshow at Sugarbush, others went hiking or biking, and our man Pete got to polishing the 1-23 which is now looking fantastic.

We decamped on Monday afternoon and all equipment is back at 2B9 safe and sound. Great Time!
*OK, here are most of them:
Tom TH 0:29 35 km
Skip JS 0:12 16 km
Tom TH 1:58 50 km
Steve PM 1:02 60 km
Andy PM 1:33 74 km
Tim PM 1:39 86 km
Sonny LT 2:22 103 km
Moshe RU 2:06 102 km
Rick 6Q 2:01 121 km
Paul S1 5:30 217 km
Tom TH 0:34 26 km
Skip JS 1:42 51 km
Sonny LT 2:48 58 km
Tim PM 1:32 81 km
Andy PM 1:02 84 km
Moshe RU 4:15 125 km

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