Sunday, July 24, 2011

Weekend report July 23 - 24

It was too hot to fly on Saturday, but Tim did it anyway. He took a high tow in pursuit of some lenticulars, but failed to connect with the wave. Back below cloudbase, he made a 66 km, 1.5 hour flight. The rest of us went swimming.

Sunday was a pretty good flying day, but not many of us showed up to take advantage of it. Skip (JS) had the longest flight, 111 km, but Steve (PM) had the most fun with a local flight that included a climbout from 863 feet above the spectators. It was nice to see Mike S back on the field. After a month's layoff, he resumed his training right where he left off, making a couple of nice climbs to 6000 feet in the 2-33. Moshe (RU) accumulated 115 km on both sides of the valley at Morrisville.

Meanwhile, Andy, Andrew, and Mike washed the 2-33, and Andy and Andy fixed both towplane problems (a leaky intake manifold and a worn out flap actuator). We thank them all.

Last weekend's report got lost, sorry.

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Tim said...

The lenticulars were looking good Saturday morning. My mistake was not getting ready 2 hours earlier. By the time I was ready to go, the lenticulars were drying up. Andy towed me to 4,700' and I released under the leading edge of a nice wave induced cumulus cloud. I started climbing at 1 kt and I thought I was in good shape. That lasted about 3 minutes (up to 5,000') and the cloud started dissipating. I turned downwind towards some clouds that didn't look too good. This was a real bonehead move. If the wave your in just stopped working, almost certainly the next wave downstream just stopped too!

Finally I drifted far enough to the south that I found some wave at 2,700'. You can see in the trace how the lift was oriented perpendicular to the wind. The wave took me to 5500' before it too stopped.

I then headed back north and thermals started working. You can see how the flight path was parallel to the wind and the lift was slanted downwind. I was able to thermal to 6,000'.

I guess this flight is an example of how convection interferes with wave.