Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Weekend report May 28 - 30

After one nice day of flying last week, the steamy August weather returned for the Memorial Day weekend. The unstable conditions caused overdevelopment during the days and scattered thunderstorms each evening.

For the second weekend in a row, the partying was better than the flying. On Saturday A gregarious gang of glider guiders, groundlings, and groupies gathered at the grill. The potluck meal featured a variety of entrees, representing most of the animal kingdom. The salads were good too, but the theme of the evening was definitely carnivorous.

Following a weather delay on Sunday, we were able to make four flights in the afternoon. There was a brief sunny period in which Tim made two attempts in PM and our newest member, Mike Stzrelecki got a couple of lessons. There were bumps, but no lift.

Monday was sunny, hot and stable at the lower levels. It would have been a nice day for boating or picknicking, but we stubbornly attempted to go flying instead. After painstakingly removing the fourth robin nest in a week from the towplane engine compartment, Evan towed Skip (JS), Bill (3J), and Sonny (LT). Sonny managed to stay up for an hour and seems to really be enjoying his new sailplane.

It's June already. What happened to our Spring?

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