Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, Tuesday

Hey, Evan, you were right. You missed a good day on Monday. Keith left work at noon, drove to Post Mills, and staged the 1-23 by himself. After stretching out the rope, he inspected the towplane and warmed it up by buzzing the neighbor. The neighbor finally realized what was going on and wandered over to give Keith a tow. The result was a three-hour flight in 3J. Not bad for a workday.

The next day, Tuesday, Keith again left work at lunchtime (things must be slow at the Academy these days). He gave Paul (S1) a tow and allegedly went back to work. Paul flew 139 km and reports that his gear doors and plumbing modifications are both working well.

The golf cart, which came to life mysteriously on Monday, died again on Tuesday. Christopher and Andy are working on it. Thank them.

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