Thursday, June 23, 2011

The end of the good weather

The good weekend weather lasted two more days, and two of our members were able to take advantage of it.

On Monday Moshe took RU out on a nice 123 km triangle from Morrisville, with turnpoints at Belvidere and West Danville. He got a bit low at the first turn but managed to find a 4.5 knot climb that took him straight back to cloudbase, and he never got low after that. One of these days, we'll see him in the sky over Post Mills.

The next day Tim (PM) dashed up to the White Mountains, arriving at Mount Madison below the summit. He zigzagged his way up to the Mount Washington Observatory in lift that was not as strong as he would have liked. His best climb was on the way back: 3 knots to 7500 feet at Moosilauke, which was plenty to get him home. That's the second time this year that someone has climbed Washington from the north. I'll have to try that some day.

So this week's "Slacker of the Week" is awarded jointly to Moshe and Tim. I doubt there will be any more contenders. Here's the current satellite visible image. It probably won't stop raining for a while.

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Paul K said...

I was up and around the Springfield airport for an hour on Tuesday. Bob caught wave south of Mt Ascutney in his JS-1. John W provided CFIG support.